Growing up in Jamaica, as a young athlete, I had to rely on nature along with my natural body in order to train and develop into a world class athlete. I had the distinct advantage of warm weather year round. My training ground was grassy fields and from time to time, a bit of terrain.

It took a lot of discipline, commitment, hard work and determination to practice drills, repeat and perfect technique, but that’s what it takes to build the foundation to become  a great athlete.

Core strength was gained not from lifting heavy weights in the gym or elsewhere, but by utilizing my own body weight for resistance with calisthenics.

For the past 15 years, I have led a successful career in the competitive field of corporate sales as an Account Executive.  This field allowed me full autonomy and gave me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with countless individuals and lead a great life…..However, that inner calling draws me back to my number one passion, The Youth and sports. Mentoring is my Life’s calling and with an extensive background in sports, what better way to impact the lives of other up and coming athletes, than to impart the lessons that I have learned and share my expertise.

ASET’s routines are developed from college, professional and Olympic training in Track and Field.  Having competed successfully in 7 different events, I had to master speed, explosive power, endurance, agility, along with tremendous discipline. This is the knowledge that I will impart to My athletes.

At ASET, your child/athlete can expect to receive

– One on one initial consultation – The purpose of this is to asses general health and fitness, establish goals and have a benchmark to measure future success.

– Once the initial assessment is completed, athletes are grouped based on age/ level

– Group or one on one training to include the following:

  • Basic fundamentals of fitness & athleticism for an athletic career in ANY sport
  • Core strength & development
  • Proper Running technique
  • Drills for speed, Agility and coordination
  • specialized drills and Plyometrics
  • General conditioning
  • Stretching and various exercises for balance and flexibility
  • Nutrition counseling and recommendation as needed

In addition, athletes will be evaluated for placement into advanced training groups. This will be based on recommendation for purposes of competitive sports.

A big emphasis will be placed on injury prevention. A lot of great athlete’s careers have been cut short by injuries that are preventable.